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Easy Breezy
Yoga/Sports Bag

Getting your mat to class and looking stylish has never been easier with this convenient yoga/sports bag. The MANDALA bag will keep your mat protected, with plenty of space for all your work-out items, like your water bottle, towel and a change of clothes. Store your essentials in the spacious internal zippered pocket, perfect for your wallet, keys and phone.


Thanks to the waterproof canvas, all your things will stay dry even when you´re biking to class through the rain. By adjusting the straps, you can wear the bag either cross-body or over your shoulder.


Durable Choice

The zipper runs the entire length of the bag, so no need to worry about getting your mat back in the bag after a sweaty class.


Not into yoga? The MANDALA is still a great choice for all types of other sports!

The more you sweat,
the more grip you get!

Did you know that cork contains suberine, a waxy, non-slip substance that works when damp? So you don't have to worry about slipping on your sweaty yoga mat and you no longer need an extra towel.


In addition to its high slip resistance, cork as a material is naturally self-cleaning, antimicrobial and odour resistant.


The perfect material for a yoga mat! We have christened our new addition CORKMAT(E) and with this name alludes to its longevity (the natural cork is very flexible and break-resistant) and to the fact that it accompanies you effortlessly everywhere due to its low weight.

Benefit from buying the set

With our new value set you get the right bag for the mat and you also save 23% compared to buying the two individually.

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